Our food program is a journey through the gastronomy of Ecuador. The heart of the house, the restaurant “La Plaza”, offers a gourmet interpretation of homemade Ecuadorian dishes. Every day you can discover different menu options that represent one of the 24 geographical provinces of our country.

Each provincial menu offers two starter options, three main course options and is completed with a delicious dessert.

The provincial theme is carried out in the breakfast, lunch and dinner services that show the main flavors of the ethnic group and culture of each region. Accommodations are always made for dietary restrictions and allergies.


The freshest products to start the day (Box Breakfast available outside normal service)
Schedule: 6:30 am - 10:00 am


Variety of representative dishes from the regions of Ecuador available for your selection
Schedule: 12:30 pm - 15:30 pm


House specialties that you cannot miss
Schedule: 18:30 pm - 20:30 pm
(Kitchen open until 22:00 pm)



The heart of the house. La Plaza restaurant offers a gourmet interpretation of Ecuadorian food.

Featuring 7 of the country’s 24 Provinces, daily menus vary to showcase the main flavors of each region’s ethnicity and culture.


Brocheta de verduras grilladas con vinagreta de queso chonta

$ 10

Vegetables from our Andes that can be found near the Cotopaxi volcano

Lomo Cecinado encurtido

$ 14

The custom of curing meat makes locals appreciate types of raw or dried meats. Here our interpretation of a carpaccio

Salpicón de mariscos

$ 16

The temperature of the Pacific gives us a wide variety of seafood. The salpicón is a sample of the favorites in the province of Guayas

Canasta de chifles rellena de langostino con salsa de maracuyá

$ 16

The acid touch of the most famous passionflower subtly and elegantly accompanies the exquisite flavor of the prawns, presented in a basket of chips


Ceviche de mango y palmito

$ 10

Coming from the province of Manabi, the heart of palm is a delicacy of nature. Harvested only after a year of growth from the palm tree

Locro de Zambo

$ 12

Locro de Zambo Typical soup based on papa chola and zambo, both of which grow on the slopes of the Andes

Ceviche de pulpo y calamar

$ 14

Since time immemorial, the people of Ourense have waited for the sea to descend in order to find the delicious octopus among the rocks, and thus be able to present it on their plate


Pollo al romero con verduras grilladas y puré de zanahoria blanca

$ 16

On the slopes of the Cotopaxi volcano, sheltered in their homes, the indigenous people roast whole birds by the fire; flavoring them with local herbs and spices, including rosemary

Solomillo en salsa de uvilla

$ 18

The uvilla, a shrub that grows between 1,000 and 3,500 meters above sea level, has found a special niche in Imbabura, this time accompanying pork, the locals' favorite protein

Pampamesa (Azuay)Carne Asada con crocante de quínoa y verduras salteadas Al estragón

$ 20

Quinoa, mother of all grains, accompanies the smooth thin loin along with subtle vegetables from the Ecuadorian highlands

Langostinos al ajillo con verde frito y ensalada de aguacate

$ 28

The shrimp is one of the products of the sea, as appreciated in Esmeraldas, thanks to its Abundance, it has become the star of many of its dishes

Magret de pato en sasa de capulí con petit pois y tabule de quinoa

$ 32

Thanks to the ecosystem of the province of El Oro, duck is common in its lagoons, thus becoming the main ingredient in its dishes


Legumbres de estación con pesto de albahaca y croqueta de quínoa

$ 12

Selection of Andean vegetables interpreted as a spring pasta

Quinoto Ecuatoriano

$ 14

Quinoa, a seed used since pre-Columbian times, is considered a superfood, the main ingredient in this Ecuadorian risotto

Portobello al pomodoro de tomate cherry sobre nido de fideo de arroz crocante

$ 15

The forests that surround the Tungurahua volcano create the right environment to find very varied and delicious mushrooms


Volcán de chocolate Pacari con moras silvestres

$ 8

The delicious liquid center of the best cocoa in Ecuador, creates a dessert in honor of our beloved and respected Cotopaxi volcano

Cheesecake de higos

$ 8

A different proposal of one of the most traditional desserts of Quito

Oritos flambeados con helado de vainilla

$ 8

In Guayas, orito is one of the most appreciated and consumed fruits by its population

Ratatouille de frutas con vinagreta de chocolate fino de aroma

$ 8

The different climatic floors of our country allow us to fear fresh and tasty fruit throughout the year, here is a sample of it, accompanied by an Ecuadorian chocolate vinaigrette

Empanadas de mejido de plátano

$ 8

The perfect combination of sweet (banana) and salt (cheese) that reminds us of our childhood